What We Do

The unit is a part of the SMS and is responsible for the management of thousands of acres of state parks, forests and waters, as well as enforcement of all wildlife, hunting and fishing laws.
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What We Do

Post by Denzel Thompson » Fri Sep 04, 2020 1:37 pm

  • State of San Andreas
    San Andreas Judicial Branch
    State Marshal Service

  • The duties of the Park, Forest, Fish and Wildlife Unit are the following:
    • Protecting and recovering threatened and endangered species;
    • Monitoring and managing migratory birds and fish;
    • Restoring nationally significant fisheries;
    • Enforcing wildlife laws and regulating wildlife trade;
    • Conserving and restoring fish and wildlife habitat;
    • Patrolling the state forests, waters and parks.

    Contact: Please direct your inquiries towards [email protected]

Discord: Limitless#4431