Recruitment: Public Defender

The administrative body governing the certification, registration, testing and disciplining of legal specialists in San Andreas.
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Recruitment: Public Defender

Post by Denzel Thompson » Tue May 19, 2020 9:47 pm

State of San Andreas
San Andreas Judicial Branch
San Andreas Public Defenders' Office


  • Duties
    • Representing members of the public in criminal matters where they are the defendant
    • Providing free legal advice to members of the public regarding criminal matters

    • A degree in law (LL.B., J.D., LL.M.) or suitable professional qualification, or relevant experience
    • Membership of the San Andreas State Bar (must pass the Bar Exam to obtain)
    • Clean criminal record (internal check)
    • Good moral standing and a dedication to the due process of law

    • If a member of the public approaches you with a criminal matter, you may not charge
    • You are permitted to take payment for becoming someone's private attorney which can include the resolution of both criminal and civil matters, so long that no cases existed against the client at the start of the attorney-client relationship

    • $3,500 per month ((hourly payday))
    • $5,000 bonus per completed case. May increase to $10,000 with experience and case complexity
    • Company vehicle
    • Other benefits available

    Send your CV with a short cover letter to the Chief Justice on [email protected] ((forum PM Limitess)). Any questions should be directed to the same email.

Discord: Limitless#4431