Committee Hearing - Private Security Licensing Reform Act of 2019

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Committee Hearing - Private Security Licensing Reform Act of 2019

Post by Sean Manfredi » Sun Jun 23, 2019 4:45 pm

*Richard Faulkner slowly stands, glancing at each of the committee's members.

Hello, gentlemen. We are officially beginning our hearing for the Private Security Licensing Reform Act of 2019. I will be providing an opening statement as the bill's author, after which the floor will be open for questions and concerns. I need not remind you that any disorderly or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. Thank you, let us begin.
Private Security Licensing Reform Act of 2019: show
An act to amend the current laws regarding private security


Section 1. SHORT TITLE
  • This bill may be cited as the Private Security Licensing Reform Act of 2019.
  • "Private security" is the act of a private corporation or individual protecting any other individual, corporation, or property for profit.

    A "security officer" is any individual working for a private security company or within the private security arena.

    A "bouncer" is any individual who is tasked with regulating entry to a venue, such as a bar, nightclub, or other business.

    "Contraband" is any item that is forbidden from entering a given place.
Section 3. PURPOSE
  • Businesses are required to hire private security companies, who are licensed and usually use armed and well trained security officers, to protect their establishments, even if their only goal is to regulate entry.

    These companies often charge high fees and perform services that a business may not necessarily require.

    This proposal seeks to ease the regulations surrounding working within and hiring individuals from the private security industry.
Individuals who do not possess a San Andreas Guard Card may perform the following duties:
  • Confirming the identity and age of entrants to any venue.

    Conducting brief frisks of entrants to detect any contraband.

    Ensuring the safety of the business's patrons without the use of weapons or any equipment issued to licensed security personnel (i.e plate carriers, firearms, less lethal equipment, zip ties, handcuffs).

    Escorting individuals outside the venue at the owner or manager's request.

The Private Security Licensing Reform Act seeks to ease regulations surrounding the necessity of San Andreas Guard Cards. As of yet, any establishment that wishes to hire security for their business must pay Silentium a hefty fee for heavily armed security officers. However, many establishments do not require any sort of armed security, but simply a few individuals who can regulate entry to their business and escort any unsavory individuals outside. Should it succeed within the senate, this bill will make security a more accessible resource, and as such allow local business owners to protect their venues without unnecessarily forfeiting a large amount of their own money.

To prevent unlicensed security guards from causing any serious issues, security licenses will still be required for individuals to use weaponry or other equipment, such as plate carriers. This way, should a felon be hired as security, they will not be able to abuse firearms, pepper spray, or any other tools issued to trained security officers, and instead will be limited to acting as bouncers or escorting troublemakers outside.

With that being said, the floor is now open for debate. Please voice any of your concerns with the proposal.