Senate Floor [19-3]

John Sawyer
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Re: Senate Floor [19-3]

Post by John Sawyer » Sun Jun 16, 2019 7:03 am

*Adam Freeman stands*
Let me clarify myself then, the voting has passed in my committee.

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Re: Senate Floor [19-3]

Post by Jimmy Alexander » Thu Jun 20, 2019 2:07 pm

*Jimmy Alexander would stand up as he'd nod at the senators before speaking.*

Thank you, senator Freeman for successfully conducting your duty of a chairman of your committee. Unfortunately, The Democrats are falling apart, where is the replacement for Tyler Shore and why is he or she not doing a single thing in the committee he or she is supposed to lead?

Another question, where is Lieutenant Governor my fellow senators, he is a Democrat as well. The bill we voted over 6 weeks ago is still on the table!

Is this senate even needed if only a handful of us is doing our duties? Is this why we're getting paid?

I would love to get some answers here!

*Jimmy Alexander would take a look at Joshua Thorpe before sitting down.*

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Re: Senate Floor [19-3]

Post by Sean Manfredi » Sun Jun 23, 2019 4:21 am

Richard Faulkner stands, he speaks authoritatively into the microphone, glancing at his fellow senators.

Senator Alexander has raised some valid concerns. I will not elaborate further as he has said everything I wished to say already.

Recently, the senate was contacted by a one Michael Wells of the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office Parking Enforcement Unit. Mr. Wells sent us a well worded letter detailing how he took issue with our lack of notification when it comes to parking regulation. Illegal parking has, according to him, become quite an issue as we have not provided signs or any other form of notification as to where someone may or may not park. I conducted a brief investigation of the roads upon which drivers may not park their vehicles, and I can say with confidence he is correct. There are no signs or other signals that instruct a driver not to park on specific roadways, which becomes an issue when many common folk, myself included, are not always one hundred percent familiar with current parking regulations. I myself had to dig through a government website to locate an outdated document on where I could park, and also located other issues within the parking code. As such, I introduce to all of you the San Andreas Parking Regulation Act of 2019, which will alleviate the tediousness of the San Andreas State Parking Codes.

San Andreas Parking Regulation Act of 2019: show
An act to amend the current parking codes of San Andreas


Section 1. SHORT TITLE
  • This bill may be cited as the Parking Regulation Act of 2019.
  • A "no parking zone" is any area where a driver may not park their automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, or other motor vehicle without facing a citation or impound of said vehicle.

    A "no parking zone notification" is any sign, label, or other medium that instructs drivers not to leave their vehicles in a no parking zone. T

    A "parking enforcement operator", or PEO, is any individual employed within the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office who is tasked with enforcing state parking codes. This term could apply to civilian PEOs employed within the Sheriff's Office or to deputy sheriffs who perform said tasks as well.
Section 3. PURPOSE
  • Drivers within the state of San Andreas are kept unintentionally unaware of state parking codes due to the lack of notification provided on no parking zones.

    Drivers are also prohibited from parking their vehicles in multiple areas within Red County's four major municipalities, despite some of these areas being of negligible concern to parking enforcement operators.

    This lack of notification combined with unnecessary no parking zones has led to an increasing number of illegally parked vehicles, and as such many drivers must deal with parking citations or the impounding of their vehicle, when it very well could have been prevented in the first place.
Any roadway in the state of San Andreas that is labelled a no parking zone must contain a clearly visible no parking zone notification.

If an area is labelled a no parking zone and lacks a no parking zone sign, label, or notification of sorts, any citations issued or vehicles impounded cannot be upheld in a court of law.

Any citizen whose vehicle is impounded or ticketed wrongfully in accordance with this bill may be entitled to financial compensation by means of a civil suit against the issuing agency.

Dillimore Main Street shall no longer be considered a no parking zone.

Route 48 within Blueberry shall no longer be considered a no parking zone.

(( If you're wondering how the no parking zones would be adjusted, view this map. Blue lines indicate roads that were previously no parking zones but would be changed according to the bill.